Footnote 78:

Leonhart Fuchs, 1501-1556, an early supporter of the revived Hippocratic and Galenic medicine, was also a distinguished botanist, author of De historia stirpium (Basel: Isingrin, 1542). A participant in the venesection controversy, he was like Vesalius the victim of Walther Ryff, identified here by Vesalius only as Argentinensis ille (see preceding note). Fuchs was to be one of the first to acknowledge the importance of Vesalius’ Fabrica, and drew freely on it in his De humani corporis fabrica ex Galeni & Andreae Vesalii libris concinnatae epitome (2 vols., 1551). See O’Malley 1964, p. 456 n. 179 and Stübler 1928. The two clauses referring to Fuchs in this sentence were deleted from the 1555 edition.