Footnote 43:

The 1555 edition adds “which I sometimes perform in the schools.” On the chagrin occasioned by some of Vesalius’ demonstrations contrary to Galen, see Eriksson 1959, e.g. p. 87-89, where Vesalius is conducting a demonstration for Professor Matthaeus Corti or Curtius: “[Vesalius] showed us how [the two long abdominal muscles] ended in the os pectinis, but had their origin from os iuguli, which not yet could be seen, and not from the xiphoid process, as Mundinus maintains. Here Curtius remarked that this, however, was not Galen’s opinion. Vesalius answered: No, Dominus, he said, even if that is not Galen’s opinion, we shall however demonstrate here, that in fact it is so. But now, he said, we do not want to fight with many words. Then the Rector interposed, rather clumsily: D. Doctor Andreas, do not be afraid of telling your opinion on these questions, do not fear these venerable masters.”