Footnote 34:

The 2nd century AD medical writer from Macedonia ( TLG 0954), to be distinguished from the 2-1 cent. BC Neapolitan medical writer quoted by Oribasius, Paulus, and Aëtius ( TLG 0955). Galen refers to the influential Macedonian writer frequently, usually with disapproval; he devotes an entire book, Adversus Lycum, to refuting his views and vindicating those of Hippocrates. Galen argued that Lycus’s large book on the muscles was heavily dependent on the Alexandrian Marinus, but full of errors. See May 1968, 36-38. Though his date is centuries later than the great Alexandrian anatomists, Lycus’ name appears in the same context as theirs in In Hipp. de nat. hom. lib. comm. 15.136.15.