Footnote 13:

Continuitatis solutiones is a Latinized Galenic term; Gr. sunexei/aj lu/seij or diai/reseij: “It is necessary to recognize when a disruption of continuity occurs to parts of similar composition. When a bone, nerve, vein, artery, or flesh is pierced, consumed, cut, parted, or broken, continuity is destroyed.” ( De constitutione artis medicae ad Patrophilum 1.238.10-15, newly edited in CMG by Stefania Fortuna; cf. De causis morborum 7.2.1 ff.). This became a standard term in medieval and Renaissance Latin Galenism, one of three categories of disease including also mala complexio (imbalance in elementary qualities) and mala compositio (app. congenital malformation and similar affects).