(Chapter ad) Footnote 51:

The 1555 edition adds “Their bones are called f/a/laggej, skutali/dej, ko/nduloi. Agmina, acies, articuli, internodia. Each of the fingers is also given its own name. The thumb or first digit is called me/gaj, a)nti/xeir, magnus, promanus. The second lixano/j, index. The third me/soj, medius, impudicus ‘shameless,’ infamis, verpus ‘having the foreskin drawn back.’ The fourth para/mosoj, i)atriko/j, anularis ‘the ring finger,’ medicus, cordis digitus, and most of all sinister. The fifth mikro/j, parvus ‘the little finger,’ minimus, auricularis.”