(Chapter ad) Footnote 4:

On attempts to identify Lazarus de Frigeis, see O’Malley 1964 p. 120, (and Quaderni per la storia ... Padova article). Singer & Rabin 1946 pp. lxxvi-lxxvii note that de Frigeis’ access to a 1491 Hebrew translation of Avicenna is an important factor distinguishing the Semitic vocabulary in the Fabrica from what was provided in the Tabulae of 1538. There is no reason to believe that Vesalius himself had more than a sketchy acquaintance with the Hebrew alphabet or any real knowledge of Semitic languages. See Etziony 1945 and 1946 (a detailed study of the Hebrew terminology used by Vesalius), Fück 1955, Dannenfeldt 1955, Brugman and Schröder 1979, Katchen 1984, Grafton 1993 v. 1. For Hebrew and Arabic medical nomenclature, see Hyrtl 1879.