(Chapter 31) Footnote 52:

For this encomiastic ending, cf. two passages in Galen De usu partium, respectively on the epiphyses surrounding the talus and the ligaments of the knee joint: “In this instance, too, is it not right to admire the foresight of the Creator, who has fashioned the parts of the whole member in such a way that they are in proper relation to one another and nicely adapted to both its uses . . . ? (3.248.7-11, tr. May 1968 p. 194); “Certainly, if Nature had not displayed here her greatest foresight and skill, . . . what would prevent her from changing the position of the round ligaments? But indeed, as I have said, anyone who investigates all these things will see them arranged most wisely and providently . . . .” (3.256.14-257.5, tr. May 1968 p. 198).