(Chapter 29) Footnote 36:

The 1555 edition adds: “From the back of the iliac bone three muscles [m. gluteus maximus, m. gluteus medius, m. gluteus minimus] (P in the 9th table of muscles, S in the 10th, S in the 11th) in particular originate, occupying all of it with their origins. How much of its surface each takes up is shown by two lines (the posterior is Z, Y in fig. 2; the anterior from a to b in the same figure) that stand out quite obscurely in this very rough dorsum, following a semicircular course and marking off the area of the entire back into three surfaces. The first of these, situated beyond the posterior line mostly in the posterior region of the back, is occupied by the first of the muscles that move the femur. The second surface, seen between the two lines, is taken up by the second of the muscles that move the femur. From the third surface, extending from the first and shorter line to the hip joint, runs the beginning of the third of the muscles that move the femur.” This is a shorter version of a section that is placed later in the 1543 edition under the heading “The line on the back of the ilium and the muscles which occupy it.”