(Chapter 21) Footnote 21:

From here to the end of the section the 1555 version is rewritten as follows: “so that this should be considered the principal use of the scapula, upon which another follows closely, surely not a regrettable one, the protection of parts contained in the thorax. On the posterior side of the thorax, Nature put up the scapulae like two shields. Once more she was not thoughtless that another use would accrue to man, whereby several muscles that provide motions of the humerus, thorax, and forearm have a convenient place of support from which to take their origin. It is a thing of great and singular diligence to adapt the scapulae to such varied and quite necessary uses, and to construct them no differently than if they had been fashioned separately for each of the uses, as we shall now describe.” Like the passage it replaces, this is paraphrased from the tenth chapter of the 13th book of Galen’s De usu partium, 4.119.18ff, tr. May 1968 p. 608.