(Chapter 18) Footnote 90:

“Nerves pass through their junctions from back and front, . . .” (763.1-2, tr. Singer 1952). This is based on Kühn’s 1821 reprint of Chartier’s 1679 edition, which goes back to Lascaris’ early 1530's edition of the sole surviving MS, a 9th century copy. Since Lascaris was not a medical man, he is unlikely to have made changes of an anatomical character. It is possible but unlikely that our Greek version of this treatise represents an attempt to “save” Galen, as Vesalius argues. He is more likely responding to Sylvanus’ attack on Vesalius’ critique of Galen’s anatomy of the sacrum and coccyx. Vesalius’ 1555 marginal note, “Such is Galen’s book as published [or edited] with Sylvanus’ notes,” refers to the Greek edition published by Vesalius’ former Paris teacher (now his critic) and Martin Grégoire in 1543.