(Chapter 15) Footnote 49:

Vesalius refers in his margin to the 12th book of De usu partium (4.1 ff), where in an unusually prolix and sententious introduction Galen states (wrongly, as Vesalius points out) about the joint of the first vertebra with the occipital condyles that “It is immediately clear that Nature has prepared these concavities and protuberances for lateral movements in both directions” (tr. May p. 556). Galen concludes his prefatory observations “No beneficent being bears malice over anything, but naturally aids and adorns all. So too, though I am not unaware that times without number this book will be treated spitefully and abused by foolish and ignorant men, like an orphan fallen into the hands of drunkards, I am nevertheless undertaking to write it for the sake of those few who are capable of reading and understanding it correctly and judging what is said.” (tr. May pp. 559-560).