(Chapter 13) Footnote 12:

Vesalius’ teaching assistant at Padua when Vesalius was writing the Fabrica, appointed to a chair in surgery in 1541. Born in Cremona ca. 1515, he was appointed to Vesalius’ chair when his teacher left Padua in 1542. Realdo (or Renaldo) Colombo put forth his own views on anatomy in De re anatomica (1559), where (ch. 12, p. 42) he describes the stylohyoid ligament as attached to “these processes” illustrated in fig. 1 as L, M, N (see notes 2-3 above). See C.D . O’Malley 1965, pp. 109f.; R.J. Moes & C.D. O’Malley 1960, and Fielding H. Garrison 1929, p. 222. For the quarrel that led to the deletion of this reference from the 1555 edition, see O’Malley, op. cit. p. 197.