(Chapter 12) Footnote 4:

Strictly speaking, in modern terminology, “the skull includes the mandible; the cranium is the skull without mandible . . . the calvaria (a term not often used) is the upper part of the skull that encloses the brain (i.e., the cranial cavity) and has a roof or skull cup, and a floor known as the base of the skull.” ( McMinn 1981, p. 11). Adhering to Nomina Anatomica, the ossa cranii consist of the neurocranium or calvaria (os parietale, os frontale, squama ossis occipitalis, and pars squamosa ossis temporalis), chondrocranium (os occipitale, os sphenoidale, od temporale, and os ethmoidale), and viscerocranium (os lacrimale, concha nasalis inferior, os nasale, vomer, maxilla, os palatinum, os zygomaticum, mandibula, os hyoideum, ossicula auditoria).