(Chapter 8) Footnote 3:

The malleus and incus were first described by Berengario da Carpi, Commentaria super anatomia Mundini (Bologna, 1521), f. 76v, and the term malleoli first used (of both ossicles) by Niccolò Massa, Liber introductorius anatomiae (1536), f. 93 r-v; but Vesalius later claimed to have discovered them independently: “When I was cleaning a skull for the preparation of a skeleton, an ossicle chanced to fall out of the ear. I opened the auditory organ in a fresh skull and found that ossicle, as well as another, and described the matter as it then appeared to me.” Anatomicarum Gabrielis Falloppii observationum examen (Venice, 1564). The present passage is the first detailed description of the auditory ossicles. See C.D. O’Malley and Edwin Clarke,1961.