(Chapter 7) Footnote 7:

Identified by Vesalius as follows: “Q (?) = branch of the lesser root [radix motoria] of the third pair [n. mandibularis, nervi temporales profundi], leading to the temporal muscle; R = branch of the greater root [radix sensoria] of the third pair, twisted like a tendril of vine, inserted into the temporal muscle; it admits two branches from the fifth [V. probably meant to write ‘third’] pair, marked b and c, and is distributed into the mansorius muscle [m. masseter], the cheek muscles, and the skin as well; b = small branch of the fifth [fourth] pair, originating from its anterior part; c = small branch of the fifth pair, running through the foramen cecum and finally, like the branch marked b, joins with the branch of the third pair that is twisted like a vine, marked R in figure 2; d = nerve originating not far from the beginning of the fifth pair [ [nervus facialis et nervus vestibulocochlearis] branch of the facial nerve to [m. buccinator], which Vesalius included in the muscles of mastication], overlooked by other professors of anatomy, which extends into the muscles that move the lower maxilla and is called by us the lesser root of the fifth pair.” Vesalius’ account at this point is filled with gross errors; he appears to be confused in his understanding of cranial nerve distribution.