(Chapter 5) Footnote 47:

Perhaps an oblique reference to Johann Dryander (1500-1560), another advocate of dissection, whose Anatomia capitis humani had been published at Marburg in 1536 and republished the following year as Anatomiae, hoc est, corporis humani dissectionis pars prior. Soon after, Dryander had published plagiarisms of Vesalius’ Tabulae sex, as Vesalius discovered after publishing the first edition of the Fabrica. The omission of Dryander’s name in this 1555 addition to chapter 5 was especially provocative because Vesalius had learned of Dryander’s annoyance that he had not been mentioned as an authority on anatomy in the 1543 Fabrica. The quarrel with Dryander was made public in the portion of the 1546 China Root Epistle translated in O’Malley, AVB p. 221.