(Chapter 5) Footnote 46:

Never written. This is the only known reference in the Fabrica to a projected work on pathological anatomy, unless the clinical work he claims to have started in the figure legend to the tenth table of muscles in Book II is the same project: “I would gladly add many [clinical] observations did I not consider it ridiculous to mix other branches of medicine with this anatomical branch, or were I not determined to write something of this kind separately, as I have already begun to do.” In the China Root Letter of 1546 Vesalius had mentioned that he destroyed the manuscript of a book on materia medica in a fit of rage over criticisms of the Fabrica. See O’Malley AVB p. 191 and C.D. O’Malley and J.B. de C.M. Saunders, “Vesalius as a Clinician,” Bulletin of the History of Medicine 14.5 (December 1943), p. 595. But no mention is made in either place of this passage in the 1555 Fabrica.