(Chapter 5) Footnote 21:

Thersites, a comically misshapen malcontent in Iliad 2.216ff., is described as follows: This was the ugliest man who came beneath Ilion. He was bandy-legged and went lame of one foot, with shoulders stooped and drawn together over his chest, and above this his skull went up to a point with the wool grown sparsely upon it. Beyond all others Achilleus hated him, and Odysseus. (tr. Lattimore). Galen uses the term foco/j in De usu partium (3.752, 754, May pp. 458f.) without mentioning Homer, but he says such a shape (which Vesalius confuses with the variant illustrated in figure 5) would be impossible in real life. The synonym o)cuke/faloj appears in Pollux 2.43 (2nd AD), Philumenus (3rd AD), and AĆ«tius (6th AD).