(Chapter 4) Footnote 26:

Diocles of Carystus, a contemporary of Aristotle often cited by Galen, wrote on animal anatomy, pharmacy, and other medical topics. The elder Pliny quotes him as an authority on herbal remedies, ranking him second to Hippocrates aetate famaque (N. H. 26.10). Hippocrates' conception of the body as an organism influenced his work. See Ludwig Edelstein’s review of W. Jaeger’s Diokles von Karystos (Berlin, 1938) rp. in Ancient Medicine 1967, pp. 145-152 and Longrigg 1993, pp. 161ff.. Galen De anat. admin. 2.1 says Diocles was the first to write a special book on anatomy, and that he drew inferences about human anatomy from his dissections of the wombs of mules.