(Chapter 3) Footnote 1:

About a dozen letters in this table were recut or added in the 1555 edition to aid the reader: in figures A and B, an S is added on the femur in the lower region of the greater trochanter, and the h marking the neck of the femur is made clearer; the M on the greater trochanter in figure B, all but invisible in the 1543 edition, is recut, and the small letter a marking the lower left epiphysis in figure B is freed of the shading that concealed it in the earlier edition. In the mandible (figure C), the letter i marking the condyloid cervix has been recut; in the figure directly below illustrating the talus and adjacent bones of the foot, G marking the calcaneus has been recut, as have the k marking the neck of the talus and the third p marking the articular facies of a tarsal bone. In the illustration of the phalanges of the foot, several of the letters e have been recut to look less like c. All of these revisions are reflected in the figures printed in this volume.