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For the selected body region Head and neck the following images are available:

Inner surface of the base of the skull
Top of skull, seen from below
Assorted views of the auditory ossicles.
Pituitary gland with four ducts
Front and rear views of jawbone.
Disk-shaped jaw cartilage.
Teeth on one side of the upper and lower jaw
Outside of the base of the skull
Sketch of the main vertebral foramen
Outline sketch of a fissure or foramen in the eye socket
Two hyoid bones
Sketch of the outline of skull sutures
Sphenoid bone of the skull
Sketch of foramina or passages in the skull for blood vessels
Outline sketch of the jugular foramen in the skull
Portion of occipital bone of skull; two views of the first neck vertebra
Inner surface of the skull's upper portion
Front view of the trachea attached to the larynx and bronchial tubes
Underside of skull facing upward
Human skull resting on dog's skull
Upper and lower eyelid cartilege
Rear view of the trachea attached to the larynx
Laryngeal cartilages
Variations in the shape of the skull
Bones of the vertex slightly separated to show suture
Skull bone cut with saw to show its construction
Skull seen from left
Skull seen from below right